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Be there for the people you love,
​​​​​​​ even after you're gone.
At EverPresent, we know from first hand experience what it means to receive meaningful messages from someone you love, after they’ve passed away.  Click here to learn more about who we are...and why we built this system for you.

Our Story          How It Works          Pricing          Help          Login
Love the idea of doing this for the people you love, but worried that you can’t do it? With EverPresent. . . it’s EASY!
Know exactly what to say in your videos.
EverPresent has developed a powerful coaching and interview process that’s customized for every video you create.  So all you have to do is relax, think about your loved one, listen to the coach, and answer the interview questions.  EverPresent will do the rest! Click here for more details on the EverPresent coaching and interview process. (Coming soon!)
Know that your videos will get to your loved ones, when the time comes.
When you enter a loved one into your EverPresent system, we will immediately send them an EverPresent Vault.  This vault is specific to them, and each time you create a new video for them, it will automatically be added to their vault.  You can choose to lock your vaults, which means that your loved one cannot access their videos until the vault is unlocked. Vaults are unlocked when you pass away, by people that you designate as “Executors” in your EverPresent account, following a thorough confirmation process.  Click here for more details on the EverPresent storage and delivery system. (Coming soon!)
Backup all your videos.
You’ll also be able to download each EverPresent video you create, or backup to a cloud service when you create it, so that you have your own backup files as an added security blanket.  EverPresent will help you decide what backup source is best for you, and give you instructions for how to best backup your video files.
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My dad passed away when I was 14 years old, but through a series of messages that he left behind, he’s still been present for all of the most important moments in my life; when I got married, when I graduated from college, when my first child was born, and countless others. What he did has made a huge difference in my life, and this system will make it easy for all of us to do the same thing.
Founder and CEO
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